Monday, April 30, 2007

Tubes, BabelDisc, UbuntuStudio and a Few Links

After a day of some revisions and additions to the blog without much for posting in respect to the event of One Day of Silence in the blogosphere, I've got a couple of additions to the Web 2.0 movement.

The first application is Tubes, a simple and easy to use file sharing program much like WiPeer. Both Tubes and WiPeer are small downloads that provide a strong connection with an easy interface for sending files safely and securely over the internet. Keep in mind that this particular tool is meant to be used for transfer of your own material and not for copyrighted data... Give it a try for simple transfers!

The second is more or less not for individuals who read this blog, but for people they know who really are computer illiterate. BabelDisc is a utility that basically overrides a computer's operating system and puts the user on a limited user style account. Basic functions and actions are always available but there is no connection to the hard drive which eliminates an area of corruption for those who do not understand how to use their computers. A nice solution for the novice user who is disinclined to learn how to use a computer properly.

An announcement from Ubuntu about a studio program to be released ASAP. UbuntuStudio looks like a great program for all of the people who are studio aficionado's. Maybe more to come on that as soon as it is released. My knowledge base is small in that particular area, but I would love to hear any else's thoughts on the matter.

Here are a few links for my Feed My Feed project: Xymphora, Financial Imbalance, Tech Chick Blog, The Digital Edge, Pure Blogging, Bigfrog Weblog, BlogSire

Enjoy the Web 2.0 apps, feed my feed, subscribe to my blog and leave your comments!

Have a great day!

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