Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Good morning everyone!

A week ago, I received confirmation that was a lucky participant in the beta version of an online program known as Joost.

This program is actually a FREE television service for your computer. Being a college student with a pretty standard computer and not much of a budget, the word FREE is always nice to hear.

I thought I would give my overall impressions of Joost after a week of usage. I have the program installed on my computer at home, at work and my parents computer as well. If you read this blog, you know that Joost runs on both Windows XP and Vista (i.e my parents computer). This is great!

Although the minimum requirements to run Joost are pretty standard for any computer after 2003 (512 RAM, a decent video card, a small amount of hard drive space), if you want the program to run smoothly you will need to exceed these requirements by double and have a broadband connection.

As for the program itself, it is pretty much up to the user to optimize the programming to their liking. The channels range from National Geographic to MTV and you can pick and choose your shows that you want to watch on the fly.

A good analogy for this program is that it is TiVo for every channel available. You can skip, fast forward and rewind any show on the network.

Keep in mind, this program and service is still in the beta form and the channel selection is very upbeat, limited and not necessarily meant for every viewing audience. Beta users are given the right to invite people to the service but it can only happen after a period of time as elapsed so please feel free to ask for an invite and I will put you on my list.

Feel free to visit The Official Joost Site!

Have a great day and as always, feel free to leave your comments.


Aaron said...

If you could send one my way, that would be awesome.

Pete and Jess said...

i'd love a joost invite!! thanks.

Devon said...

if youre serious about giving away joost invites id absolutely kill for one. devonrussell{a}gmail{dot}com

Anonymous said...

I love this program. I'd appreciate if you can shoot me an invite..thanks alot.. I read your posting on lifehacker.com..

mr_oshodi awt yahoo dawt com.

thanks a bunch.

Chris said...

Another LH'er wondering if you're still giving out invites :)


Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Joost looks really great. Nice article dude :) Do you have an invitation left? :)

DaBull said...

Same here, I would really appreciate an invite.

fchenod at gmail dot com

Rick said...

I am also Another LH'er wondering if you still have any invites available

my mail is:

Thanks allot!

Anonymous said...

thanks love one too gseppious2gmail.com

Anonymous said...

another LH'er looking for a precious Joost invite..

travelguy21 at yahoo DOT com

you're the best!

Dylan said...

yeah if you could send me an invite that would be amazing thanks

stylesclash450 at aol dot com

Alex Jay said...

Should you still have any invites available, I would be much gratified if you'd drop one in my direction:

Thank you even if it's not possible,
Alex Jay Berman

David said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog just now! I started looking around yours and saw the Joost article and figured I could get an invite from you, but then I saw all of the other people who figured the exact same thing. Nevermind, but thanks anyway!

LL said...

If anyone has an extra invite it'll be great if u can email it my way